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With everything we do, our focus stays on making an impact. A REAL and TRUE impact.  made possible by REAL movement from the community. Just as our efforts in collaboration with One Safe Place and our QR coded toys donations, Team  Only Stronger is making an impact through the power of Peer-to-Peer advocacy and empowerment. Through the talent and willingness to stand up for victims of childhood abuse/trauma, our Youth Governing Board of Directors and Officers at Team Only Stronger work together to select skateboarding clips of local skateboarders (available via social media and other media outlets) to be used as a digital tool to help raise awareness about our movement to support victims of childhood abuse and trauma. All selected videos MUST be approved by parent/guardian via form below before any  content is used or shared through our marketing/social media channels. Those selected by our Youth Board of Directors and Officers will receive FREE Team Only Stronger merchandise and potential scholarship awards (selectees must have parental/guardian consent form submitted to ACCEPT these small appreciation awards.)

If you are a PARENT/GUARDIAN sent to this page via link, please submit form below to provide consent for your skateboarder to accept our appreciation award(s).

#Skate4Kids Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Submitting this form gives consent to receive and accept any appreciation awards awarded to local skateboarders in San Diego Skateboarding community as selected by our Youth Board of Directors and Officers.

For anyone interested in being considered, please reach out to our Youth Board Officers Arienne Mabalot or Andre Aguilera at

Thanks for supporting the #ONLYSTRONGER Movement!

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