Peer2Peer Digital Education & Empowerment Initiative

From day one our mission was a TRUE impact made possible by REAL movement from the community. The Team #OnlyStronger Project is currently seeking out grant funding to amplify these efforts and to strengthen our existing community partnerships and collaborations as well as to expand our reach for maximum impact on our community's child abuse victims and their families. 

As of July 2022, we have provided our first 555 of a goal of 1,000 digital support toys for the North County San Diego Family Justice Center One Safe Place, where the children visiting will have been impacted by trauma and provided an optional toy for free. Those that choose to have a toy also have a choice to view a QR Coded link to a personal message of encouragement and empowerment from one of their peers letting them know as immediate as possible that they are not alone.

Our goal is to reach 1,500 toys provided by April 2023 in time for our first Annual Child Abuse Prevention Month Movement Event where we intend to raise awareness for the prevention of child abuse and amplify empowerment and support for victims and their families. 

The Team #OnlyStronger Project

Since the 2020 pandemic, the volume of inpatient and outpatient services and treatments for child abuse have risen, however the correlation to reporting rates is alarming. This project aims to engage the community to consider the issue being more related to the lack of time the community is spending educating themselves and engaging with each other to prevent Child Abuse. Every member of the community should consider themselves mandated self-educators and with grant funded community engagement events and peer-to-peer support initiatives, this project can serve as the platform to engage victims, their families and community champions for healing through peer-support and empowerment.


This project aims to take a more innovative and simplified approach most consistent with past findings of effective Child Abuse prevention efforts and redirecting the focus toward strategies that guide us directly toward our desired outcomes. Rather than implement yet another observation and theory driven curriculum for prevention education, we propose tackling the root of the problem; which is the fact that child abuse victims are often silenced by the cultural stigma associated with the topic; which allows for perpetrators to lack hesitation due to the likelihood of going unreported. We strongly believer that through commitment from the community and prevention champions, the Team #OnlySronger Project will increase resilience for victimized children through equitable access to peer support and community empowerment initiatives.