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Who/What is Team Only Stronger?

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Team Only Stronger, a nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission statement of  "development and implementation of practical education and support initiatives that focus on eliminating the stigma associated with childhood abuse and trauma in order to empower victims to develop social/ competence and skills and to build healthy self-esteem and relationships. Team Only Stronger and its partners are committed to intentionally making a greater impact on preventing many problems children and youth face, including child physical/sexual abuse of all forms, bullying, school violence, substance abuse, and suicide."

#TEAM Deliverables

In the short time since Team Only Stronger became incorporated in November 2021, the organization has achieved the following:

  •  Participated in partner orientation for North County Justice Family Center to provide victim perspective from Only Stronger founder and reason, Arienne Mabalot, at nine years old. Trainees included 100+ representatives from the San Diego District Attorney's Office, Sheriff and Police departments, and various organizations. 

  • Provided two trainings to 40+ home based childcare providers through YMCA 

  •  Launched a series of podcasts discussing generational trauma and stigma with several community leaders, including San Diego City College social work professor Kirin Macapugay, MMA fighter Goyito Perez, Entrepreneur and KPBS featured tattoo artist Ron "the Kuya" Galido. 

  • In March 2023, Only Stronger provided 555 digital support toys/books for children seen at North County San Diego Family Justice Center One Safe Place. The book, Warrior Princess Bunny: Tails of Truth, is written by Arienne Mabalot as communication and education tool encouraging other children to not be ashamed or afraid of speaking up about their experiences.  

  • Shared experiences and provided network of support in partnership with other organizations including Asian Pacific Islander Community Actions, Asian Solidarity Collective, and Vision Culture Foundation. 

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