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Grant Application Letter of Support

Since the launch of the #ONLYSTRONGER Movement, Team Only Stronger has begun to develop as San Diego, California's "Brand for Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Prevention" and is consistently working everyday to expand our reach and capacity to lead a movement for social change as a primary approach to prevention of adult-perpetrated CSA. This continues to be a daunting task hindered by the extremely strong stigmatization of CSA. The Team Only Stronger Brand aims to tackle CSA prevention at the root of the issue, that is the lack of effective communication and disconnection regarding CSA that stems from decades of stigma-induced silence on victims, their families, and their community.

As a nonprofit brand created by a father and his 9-year-old daughter; who was one of San Diego county's youngest CSA victims (age 5) to take the stand in court against her abuser (who was found guilty of 18 felony counts of child sexual abuse and molestation), Team Only Stronger hopes to earn Federal Grant Funding support to maximize their reach and amplify their efforts as a global brand for CSA prevention. To strengthen our current application for federal grant funding, we are relying on the  community to help us better demonstrate the magnitude of support we have behind our purpose and mission as a Brand for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.


To show this, we are calling on the community for Letters of Support from anyone and everyone that is willing to provide their NAME, EMAIL, and Geographic Location to be used as a supporting document in our application for federal grant funding.

The title of our Grant Proposal is:

"Rigorously evaluate the efforts and impact of a nonprofit corporate brand specifically created for Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) prevention and advocacy and its effectiveness in the primary prevention of adult-perpetrated CSA"

By submitting your information below, you are providing evidence of commitment and support of the Team Only Stronger Brand and their purpose to significantly impact the prevalence of adult-perpetrated CSA everywhere.  Submitting this form will add your information as a SIGNATURE for a Blanket Letter of Support to be provided as a supporting document in our application for grant funding.

Community Letter of Support Signature

By submitting this form, I am confirming that as a member of the Team Only Stronger community, I AM in support of the Team Only Stronger brand and their mission to prevent adult-perpetrated Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

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Thanks for showing your support!
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