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The Movement Defined

Movement to Reconnect

We are all social beings by nature. Connectedness and community are necessary, if not vital to our well being. Through their very existence, social relationships can be a source of healing for many psychological wounds. Because traumas like sexual abuse and assault occur in relative secrecy - in a state of disconnection between people -  it is not surprising to hear from trauma theorists that "reconnection" is part of the healing process.

Childhood Trauma

The National Institute of Mental Health (USA) defines childhood trauma as: “The experience of an event by a child that is emotionally painful or distressful, which often results in lasting mental and physical effects.” 

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a significant but preventable public health problem. Many children wait to report or never report child sexual abuse. Although estimates vary across studies, the data shows:

  • About 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys experience child sexual abuse at some point in childhood.

  • 91% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child or child’s family knows.

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